Thursday, March 09, 2006

What should we be doing?

What should we be doing, in the face of the multiple crises facing humanity? Should we be organizing politically?…storming the barricades?…packing a survivalist kit?…joining a sustainable community? Or do we just get what we can from the system, for ourselves and our family, and not worry about “things we can’t change”? Do we even ask ourselves such questions? Are we in a state of denial?

rex and rml have brought up these kinds of questions in their recent comments to the posting, “What’s likely to happen over the next few months?” The two topics are certainly related, but I think our dialog would proceed more productively if we give each its own thread, one exploring "the problem" and the other "the solution."

To that purpose, I’ll relocate those previous comments over to this thread, leaving both threads with a clearer focus.

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At Thursday, March 9, 2006 at 7:16:00 AM GMT, Blogger rkm said...

These comments were copied over from a previous posting

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rex said…
It would be nice to feel assured that the slide will deposit us safely at the bottom. Unfortunately, the slide we’re on is speeding us to an unknowable future, so our most important task is to be as prepared as we can be for whatever happens and try to make sure that everything we do might contribute to a safe landing for everyone!

The only way I know of to help assure that outcome is for us to talk with as many people as we can manage about our plans & try to harmonize our ideas with as many others as possible before we act on them.
3:44 PM

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rex said…
As I understand harmonization, factionalism is not as possible outcome! Harmonization is a process that continues until harmony is reached. Action is something that occurs when it must occur (even if everyone [an imposible goal!] is not yet in harmony!
9:21 PM

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rml said…
What if we move from the slide to the jungle-gym? Hanging upside down, with that rush of fresh blood to the head, we can now see that all that is unfolding -- much of which appears as if it is chaotic and at best bungling -- is in fact by design. That "their" Plan (!) is on track, and the world-wide (expected) reactions are within their statistical parameters.

Their "planning and feasibility" contractors are well-aware of the components of the schema. To list but a few: The 4th Turning; hoary astrology and Cycles; the Matrix; the Mayans; Insider "leaking" of plans (e.g., Warren Buffet); China as wild card; Euro as reserve currency (Dinar next? Precious Metal-backed currencies?); Clash of Civilizations finishing the last crusade); Mandatory draft of the illegal immigration pool; Destruction/elimination of African males; Solar flares; Dr. Jacque Vallee; Aerosol spraying (chemtrails); Operation Blue Beam & the Aquarian paradigm; the Kali Yuga; Planet 2; Crop Circles; The Plan 2000 (ARMAGEDDON). . . the list goes on and on.

It would seem then, given what all the "players" are aware of, that
we, as sentients, should have our own "exit" strategy (spiritually, emotionally, and physically). Is there sanctuary? A place prepared?
Are we done with the need to spell it out, to expose this design fantastique that, when implemented, will have us all looking back at this mess with nostalgia?

I must confess, Richard, that I have not read your Matrix book, and obviously should. But, is it possible to snip parts of it here (or, perhaps that’s what you are doing in providing these discussion themes …)? Because it does seem that preaching to the choir, as satisfying as it is, stops our momentum for actually coming to terms with what in the hell we are going to do about their “plan”.

12:44 PM

At Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 11:31:00 AM GMT, Blogger rkm said...

Hi tk,

re/Katrina. There seem to be two theories on that. The first, which you seem to be assuming, is that we saw incompetence, lack of forsight, etc. The other theory is that we saw a combination of (1) a looting exercise, on the part of Halliburton and others, and (2) a practice run for how to deal with a collapse scenario: treat the victims as criminals; use it as a way to get rid of what Kissinger calls "useless feeders".

I think the two scenarios need to both be looked at and considered. If the latter is valid, that says a lot about what to expect in a collapse scenario.

At Monday, March 13, 2006 at 8:20:00 AM GMT, Blogger rkm said...

I don't believe the players are unbeatable, but I don't think that insurgency is a viable option for us. There's no unity in the population, nor is there likely to be, for insurgency, nor even agreement on goals. Insurgent groups, if they arose, would be more likely to fight one another (left vs. right), rather than combining against the regime.

My view is that unity is the really important thing, rather than an insurgent population. If we can all stand together as one, we don't need weapons in our hands. We can stop the machine any time we choose. And with that kind of unity, we'd have many members of the armed forces and government on our side.

At Monday, March 13, 2006 at 10:33:00 PM GMT, Blogger rkm said...

we cannot worry about time. things take the time they take. we can do nothing about yesterday, we only have NOW. what is important is that we are reaching for the right things. 'one person at a time'…at one level, yes, this is true, nothing happens until someone acts. but at another level this misses the point…unity is about coming into mutual understanding with others. not one at a time but in groups, where you live. it is really one community at a time.

At Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 11:35:00 AM GMT, Blogger rkm said...

The kind of 'unity' I'm talking about has to do with what I call harmonization. It's about people engaging in a special kind of dialog, based on respectful listening. The outcome of such dialog is not that everyone agrees, or has the same understanding of global issues. Rather the outcome is about accepting each other as human beings with valid concerns. From that space, people are able to agree on common agendas, even though their general beliefs, values, and religions continue to be quite different: “You don’t need to agree on religion to build a barn together.”

I invite you to take a look at my other blog, Achieving real democracy through harmonization, which presents my ideas about harmonization, and how that could become the basis of cultural and social transformation. I'll send you two (tk & rex) invitations to be Contributors there.


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