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The Iran issue

I received the following message. Anyone want to comment?


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Subject: FW: Morton on possible strike on Iran AND economy thumbnail
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Organization: Institute for Cultural Ecology

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Subject: Morton on possible strike on Iran AND economy thumbnail

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Sean Morton is predicting that we are going to bomb Iran the last week of March.

Don Durrett

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Dear Don,

Common sense has NEVER permeated the Bush Administration. But I am sure there are a group of people it makes PERFECT sense to, as confusing stupidity with what serves THEIR agenda is a BIG mistake.

As I said, Battle Groups and subs are in the deepest part of the Straits of Hormuz NOW with more on the way. Weather conditions and winds are being checked AND we like to attack on the NEW MOON, especially an eclipse, as it helps our Stealth Craft and lends towards more Shock and Awe.

Remember that I predicted we would start the war with Iraq in late February of 2003 and it didn't start until March 17. I guess the critics and internet booger eating 12 year olds (mentally and physically) all living in their parents basements would considered that a "MISS" on my part? In fact astrologer Stacey Dean DID give the EXACT DATES of the start of the Iraq war many months in advance.

Again the PROBABILITIES for an attack from March 20-29 are at 80%. This IS NOT SPECULATION. This is being geared up for NOW!

HOWEVER, there have been THREE OTHER OCCASIONS when we were about to attack and political events derailed it. AND this MAY be saber rattling to spook everyone into thinking about the consequences of pissing off Uncle Sam. A DEAL is still on the table with military strikes as the STICK.

Also, we are talking about SURGICAL STRIKES against ONLY the nuke facilities, NOT wholesale bombing of cities and civilian targets. We will use the same defense the Israelis used when they bombed similar facilities in Iraq. The BIG DIFFF here is that OUR Excaliber missiles are NUCLEAR. Small nukes, but NUKES nonetheless.


If the S&P hits 1310 and holds, that WOULD signal a break above resistance and likely one last major spike up to fool everyone.

What's interesting about this ??? Namely, a juicy report that the government has just INJECTED a huge amount of liquidity into the markets. How much? They have been inflating money supply at a 20% annualized rate in the last two weeks AND that US money supply has been increased over the last 12 weeks at an annual rate of $1 trillion!

This is EXACTLY as I predicted that we would see one last big shot of horse shot into the Junkie before he dies. One last great HIGH to get ALL the suckers into the elevator before they cut the cable. This is why we have "Helicopter Ben" in place at the Fed. This is why the FED took the money supply OFF the M-3 index!

When have we seen this AWFUL movie before?

Ominously ... the government did the same thing in that last stretch before the NASDAQ spiked up and crashed in the BUBBLE BATH of 2000 ('bubble bath', you like that one?). Anyway, this explains why this tired, lethargic, overbought market continues to bob its head above water.

This also explains why the market is able to move much higher even as we have record levels of mutual fund inflows (usually marks a top) as well as record low levels of cash in mutual funds.

One estimate puts the net worth of the US government at MINUS $34.8 TRILLION. GEEZ! And people thought ENRON had problems...

Great to hear from you as always and feel free to pass this on!


Sean Morton


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