Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Change of direction?

This may be quite premature, but my thoughts are suddenly running in this direction: Suppose that the Bush neocons do not invade Iran. There finally may be realization among the neocons that this will also become a fiasco, but on a far greater scale yet than Iraq, which is already fiasco enough. We all are aware of the likely consequences will be if the U.S. and/or Israel attack Iran, and we are aware of the resistance to a U.S. (led) attack by other nations, most notably Russia and China, and the latter is the biggest outside threat to U.S. empire aspirations.

Bear with my rambling thoughts here:
- No attack on Iran has taken place yet, even though many credible sources predicted the high probability of this in the last week of March.
- In Bob Chapman's "International Forecaster" paid subscription report, he talks about the elite not wanting an Iranian invasion, and the Bush neocons do. If Bush is not impeached and continues as he has, he is slated for assassination.
- I have heard nothing of the Iranian Oil Bourse beginning to function. This was supposed to begin around March 20, give or take a few days. What is up here? Nothing but deafening silence. I'm not sure what this means.
- There has been increasing vocal antagonization between the U.S. and Venezuela, with charges and counter charges being made. Venezuela's form of democracy/economy is quite incompatible with that of the West, so it is a threat to them, and particularly U.S., neocons and perhaps also the elites.
- This morning, in the "Telegraaf", largest newspaper in the Netherlands, has a headline article about Venezuela threatening the Antilles, several islands off the coast of Venezuela that are former Dutch colonies, and still part of the "Kingdom" of the Netherlands. The threat is political unrest or even an invasion by Venezuela, Haiti and Cuba. This is suddenly being reported, front page. I am unaware of any problems or public concern by the Dutch government about this before. This smells to me of the Dutch elite working with the U.S. in setting up a U.S. invasion scenario to overthrow the Chavez government. Other countries in Latin America are following a similar course to Chavez and there is an alliance there, which is breaking free of the U.S. corporate/military dominance. Mexico is also predicted to go in this direction. So the whole backyard of the U.S., which considered Latin America its own semi-colonial turf, is being threatened. And all of the oil deposits, coffee and fruit 'markets' along with that. China is also making inroads into this oil market.
- While the preceding article in this blog (The 9/11 Truth Revolution)
is perhaps a little too much to wish for (I am not discounting this, however), the general American population is becoming more aware of the Matrix surrounding 9/11 and there is increasing dissatisfaction with the Bush neocons. This is, of course, directly connected to the Middle East as well.

So, my thinking is going in this direction: Perhaps the stakes are too high for an Iranian attack, but the control of oil and petro currency is still top on the neocon agenda. Venezuela, with huge reserves, could be the next target for the 'bringing of democracy'.

For some interesting Dutch cooperation in setting up Venezuela as mentioned above, see my post at


At Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 12:22:00 AM GMT+1, Blogger Dutch Revolution said...

US Navy prepares aircraft carrier strike group for "major training exercise"

At Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 12:33:00 AM GMT+1, Blogger Earl Duthler said...

Yes, Johnito, I saw that as well; it added to my thinking. Johnito is a fellow blogger in the Netherlands, by the way; has a couple of high quality blogs, one dedicated to news.

At Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 1:18:00 AM GMT+1, Blogger rkm said...

I suppose that Venezuela is a more systemic threat to Washington than is Iran. The hostility toward Iran has to do with geopolitics, that see-saw game great powers play. Venezuela is about democracy, and that threatens the whole structure of our oppressive civilization.

At Friday, March 31, 2006 at 6:53:00 PM GMT+1, Blogger rkm said...

Iran's Massive War Games
Called 'Holy Prophet'

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- Iran is to launch a massive joint naval wargame titled "Holy Prophet (PBUH)", beginning on March 31 with shooting of a Shahab II Missile into the air with the message of "Peace and Friendship" for the regional countries, Persian Gulf, and Sea of Oman littoral states.

Commander of the Islamic Republic Guard Corps Naval Force Admiral Morteza Saffari announced the news at a press conference here on Wednesday, adding, "The IRGC Naval Force, the IRI naval and Army forces, volunteer Forces and the IRI Disciplinary Forces will participate in the military maneuver.

The wargame would begin with the password "Muhammad the Messenger of Allah," according to the IRGC Naval Force Commander and last till April 6 in the northern coasts of the Persian Gulf up to 40 kilometers to the south, to Iran's border port city of Chabahar in the region.

Over seventeen thousand of Iran's armed forces and Basij mobilization forces, would take part in the naval wargame in which 500 large and small naval vessels of various types would participate.

The IRGC official added, "The Command Headquarters of the wargame would be the IRGC Noah Naval Barracks, while five other army, Air Force and navy bases in three provinces would back up the massive operation."

Admiral Saffari announced the entire armed forces' of the country's full readiness to defend the territorial integrity of the motherland.

He added, "The latest local achievements of the country in defense industries, implementation of the experiences of the country's armed forces in planning and launching massive military operations in practice, evaluation of the conduct of our commanders, and providing a real atmosphere for our mobilization forces to display their defense capabilities are among the top objectives of the maneuver." The four-phased naval wargame is meanwhile planned to display the Islamic system's defensive capabilities.

Iranian made drones would be flied to collect information from the virtual enemy's camp, sea-to-air missiles capable of pursuing moving objects, helicopters capable of shooting air-to-sea, and air-to-land missiles, rapid reaction boats, Iranian made intelligent mines with multi-sensors, various naval rocket mine launchers, huge Iranian made naval rockets and up-to-date telecommunication facilities would be among the sea of equipment to be facilitated during the wargame.


At Friday, March 31, 2006 at 6:55:00 PM GMT+1, Blogger rkm said...

US faces Russian - Chinese objections regarding Iran

The UN Security Council will not reach agreement this week on a Franco-British statement pressing Tehran to suspend all uranium enrichment activities, a Western diplomat said, according to AFP.

The diplomat said the council's five veto-wielding permanent members, Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States, were too far in their stances."Moscow and Beijing wants to keep the council's role to a minimum," the Western diplomat said.

On her part, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, displaying impatience with slow UN talks, warned "there can't be any stalling" in dealing with the potential threat, AFP reported.

"There is no time for delay in taking on this issue," Rice said. "There can't be any stalling. The international community has got to act," the chief US diplomat told reporters.

"We will come up with a vehicle (for addressing the Iranians), I am quite certain of it," she had told a news conference. "If it takes a little longer, I'm really not concerned about that."
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At Tuesday, December 5, 2006 at 11:29:00 AM GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If china is intrsted in the south american oil it will porevent the us from attacking it.


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